Masjid History

Ipswich Shahjalal Islamic Centre & Masjid, a registered charity, was established in 1994 to serve the needs of the local Muslim community. Over the years, the Muslim population in the area has grown significantly, to a point where worshippers have to wait outside the Masjid due to lack of space  and sadly miss out on congregational prayers.

Our current facilities are insufficient and can only accommodate approximately 150 people. It is costly to maintain and heat. We are not able to accommodate our sisters’ or expand our services for the young. There are no parking facilities which becomes frustrating and difficult for worshippers, especially those who have limited mobility.

The Masjid desperately needs your support in overcoming this difficult situation and plea to you to help us so we can meet the needs of our community and serve all those who come to the House of Allah swt.

Our Aim

Its institutional purpose and function will be to empower and enable Muslims to achieve their true and full potential in their spiritual, educational, physical, and cultural aspirations, whilst inspiring them to play a participatory role in the development of the wider community.

The new facility will enhance our activities and enable greater interaction with the local host community.  We intend to hold annual events and invite the local community including non-Muslims to better understand the true spirit of Islam. We look forward to continuing our work towards promoting Islam as a peaceful, tolerant and inspirational religion for future generations.

Our Vision

As it is not possible to expand our existing premises, by the grace of Almighty Allah, Shahjalal Islamic Centre & Masjid has embarked on an impressive and exciting project to purchase an adequate building which will enable us to provide the following:

*  A prayer hall to accommodate 1200 people

    including separate area for sisters’

*  Parking for 45-50 vehicles

*  Madrasa for Quranic & Hifz classes

*  Youth activities

*  Summer school

*  Adult study circles

*  Funeral services (inc body  washing)

*  Library

*  Facilities for Mothers and  toddlers group

*  Counselling service

*  Gym

*  Nikah service (Islamic marriage)

*  Meeting and training room

*  Conference Hall

*  Office space

Our Appeal

Respected brothers and sisters, this cannot be achieved without your help.  Please give Sadaqah Jariya (ceaseless charity) or Qarz-e-Hasana (interest free loan)and earn yourself a place in paradise, Insha Allah.

We anticipate the cost of purchase and development of this project will be approximately £400,000. We are therefore reaching out to all our Muslim brothers and sisters, supporters and friends both nationally and internationally to help us achieve our target.

Sadaqah Jariya (ceaseless charity)

For Muslims, the building of a mosque or contributing towards it, is one of the most virtuous forms of Sadaqah Jariya that Allah swt has bestowed upon us. Sadaqah Jariya will benefit the donor long after he or she has died and will continue to get the rewards in their graves till the day of Judgement. We pray that you will take up this opportunity to invest in your Aakhira (afterlife).May the Peace & Blessings of Allah be upon you.


Please present this appeal to your friends, family and work colleagues and request their assistance also.

Ways to Donate

You can make regular payments or give a single donation

By Cash

Pay by Cash at the Masjid -

Contact Koysor Miah - 07939 584566

By Post

Cheque Payable to: Shahjalal Islamic Centre and Masjid

Hand in or post to: Shahjalal Islamic Centre,

110-114 St Helens Street, Ipswich, IP4 2LB

Please remember to write your name and address on the back of the cheque or postal order so that we can send you a receipt.


By Bank Transfer

Direct to our bank – Barclays Bank

Account: Shahjalal Islamic Centre and Masjid

Sort Code: 20-44-51

Account No: 40848964

By Standing Order from your bank account

It is very simple to set up a standing order, all you have to do is fill in a form that instructs your bank to pay Shahjalal Islamic Centre an amount every month and send the form to us. We will do the rest. Your donations will reach us directly from your bank, reducing our administration costs significantly.

Please note that your bank will only pay the amount specified by you on the form; we cannot change that amount. And you can cancel the standing order at any time by instructing your bank.

Please send us a request and we will post the form to you, alternatively you can download the form from our website.

QARZ-E-HASANA (Interest free loan)

In addition to donations, we will also welcome any Qarz-e-Hasana please contact the Masjid for further information

Tel: 01473 412983


Charity no: 1138698